Piano Lessons


Add some fun to your life !

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What kind of songs do YOU
want to play? Jazz, classical, ragtime, rock, folk, reggae, tango?

Want to learn chords and learn to read notes? 

How about improvisation, composition, and theory? 

Play the language of music with Debi, and have fun doing it !

Debi is an accomplished musician and composer, and an experienced teacher. She’ll guide you on your own unique path of exploration and accomplishment.

Debi is an amazing teacher who is great with keeping our kids inspired to play piano. She is creative and exposes them to different styles of music, has them compose pieces, teaches them theory and, according to our 11 year old son, "makes it very fun". We are impressed with the piano skills they have acquired and have yet to hear them complain about having to practice. Thank you Debi!  – L. Nagy

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My son was on a waiting list for a year for piano lessons with Debi Stevenson. We were just about to look for another             when we finally got the call, and we know now how lucky we are we waited. He's excelled far beyond our expectations, loving it from day one. Debi holds the perfect characteristics for a teacher: gracious and kind; talented and inspiring. She motivates her kids through many creative means, keeping them excited during lessons and assigning challenging, kid-focused projects that keep them inspired all year long. My son practices on his own, never having to be told. Debi provided him a foundation for learning and a love of music that has already -- in just two years -- moved him on to other instruments and to composing music on his own. She's a great teacher. – D. Melani